Castle Clash 1.2.18

The update today should include 300 gems this time!

New Heroes:
1. [Pirate Captain] (Pumpkin Duke)
Skill: Celebrate – Boosts ATK, ATK SPD, and MOV SPD of all ally units.

2. [Ice Demon]
Skill: Icefog – Decreases MOV SPD of 6 random enemies by 30% for 6 secs.

1. The descriptions for both [Hero Trap] and [Bomb Trap] will be corrected.
2. To be fixed: bug that sometimes causes the [Dryad] to deal 0 damage with the [Shackle] skill.
3. To be fixed: bug that sometimes causes the [Serpent Queen] to deal damage only 10 times with the skill [Toxic Mist] when she should deal damage 12 times.
4. The skill description for the [Serpent Queen] will be corrected.
5. To be sped up: the slow attack movement displayed by the [Angel].
6. To be enhanced: the shortening of the revival time for Heroes whenever the [Heroes Altar] is leveled up.

Unfortunately the Pirate Captain or Pumpkin Duke can not be obtained with shards and only gems.