Castle Clash

Many small updates and bug fixes were in the update today. Two really needed improvements were building functions can finally be used while being upgraded and talent refreshes now give you the option of retaining your previous talent in case your new talent is not as good as your original. There should have been 300 gems to each player for the maintenance as well! Full list of changes below.

1. Added a ‘Skip’ button to the Tutorial.

1. You can now access a building’s functions while it’s leveling up. Defensive towers that leveling up can’t use the “Upgrade” function to switch types.
2. Fixed an issue where the Succubus Hero had a slower-than-intended attack rate.
3. Fixed an issue where battle reports weren’t sent if an error occurred during battle.
4. Fixed an issue where opponents couldn’t be selected in the Arena during prolonged connection issues.
5. When using the “Talent Refresh” feature, you’ll be prompted to confirm your request to replace the existing Talent.
6. Fixed an issue where time wasn’t displayed in the chat window.
7. Fixed: Bugs causing abnormal data during battles
8. Adjustments: Crash during battles
9. Fixed: Heroes with Sprint talent not affected by Pumpkin Duke’s skill

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