Castle Clash Beginners Walkthrough

Castle Clash Beginners Walkthrough


You begin the game with a steady amount of resources required in order to start up your economy. Your buildings should include a town hall, gold mine, gold vault, mana mill, mana vault, army camp and training center.

The first step is to press on the shop icon which looks like a hammer at the bottom right corner of your screen. You should be brought to a screen with 6 categories: Treasure, Shields, Decorations, Resources, Attack and Defenses.

Tap on resources and select the Gold Mine. This building will cost a little bit of mana but allow you to mine gold which is required to build and upgrade various things. Drag to select the location you would like to place your gold mine and tap the green arrow to confirm. Your gold mine should be completed very quickly and it will automatically start to mine gold. You will notice there is the ability to speed up the building process by using pink gems. It is advised not to do this for the time being and save your gems to purchase workers or heroes first.

Clicking on your gold mine you should have 3 options available. Info, Upgrade, and Collect. To view basic information on this building press the info button. The upgrade option allows you to increase your gold production rate. The collect button allows you to collect the gold for use. Without collecting the gold it will sit in your gold mine, but you will not be able to spend it. When the gold in your gold mine reaches a certain threshold it will automatically pop up a dollar sign icon to easily collect the gold. This means it’s not necessary to constantly click collect manually. However keep in mind that there is a limit that gold mines can hold, so you should remember to collect your gold regularly.

Next, you’ll want to create a gold vault which holds the gold that you have collected. The gold vault is found in the same category as the gold mine. Shop -> Resources -> Gold Vault.

You can create as many gold mines and gold vaults as limited by the level of your town hall. It is recommended to create the maximum available to have your production at the highest possible rate.

After your gold production is starting up you’ll want to get mana. Similar to the gold mine and gold vault, there is a mana mill and mana vault respectively. The mana mill produces the mana and the mana vault stores your collected mana. The cost of building and upgrading the mana buildings require gold instead of mana. Mana will mostly be used for training troops. Just like gold you should build as many mana mills and vaults as you can.



Now that your resources are up and running it’s time to create army camps. These camps house your soldiers used to attack and defend.

To build an army camp, press shop, choose attack and finally army camp. Choose a position on the map that is close to your resource structures to better protect them during defending. After your army camp is operational tapping on it should provide 3 options: info, level up, and hire. The info contains the amount of HP the building has, the space available, and the attack range.

The space available refers to the cumulative space occupied of each troop hired from that army camp. Different troops have different space requirements. That is to say if your army camp has 20 space available, you could hire as many as 20 guardians (20 x 1 space) or as little as 5 treants (5 x 4 space). You could also create a mix of troops such as 2 treants, 4 guardians, 3 hunters and 3 pyromancers (2×4 + 4×1 + 3×2 + 3×2 = 20) to achieve the same 20 space.



Now would be a good time to set up some basic defense. Tap shop and choose the defenses category and within you should see a watchtower. This tower is a building that is used for defending only. You should choose a good location where it can protect your other buildings and troops.

In the same category of defenses you should build some walls. These are used to fortify defenses. If you carefully wall off your structures, most troops will first have to break through a few of your walls before they can easily move in to destroy your other buildings. After purchasing one block of a wall you’re able to drag it to any place you like as long as it is highlighted green. If it is red that means you will not be able to place the wall on that location.

The last piece of defense you can purchase is a bomb trap. The bomb trap will trigger upon enemy troops reaching within its range. Keep in mind that while you’re able to see the bomb, your opponent cannot. If you predict your opponent attacking with their troops in a certain area it is a good idea to lay the bomb trap there.


Other Attack Buildings

You can train regular troops, but you’re missing a hero if you want to succeed at this game. Heroes play a big part because they are exceptionally stronger than regular troops resulting in more HP, higher attack power, special abilities, and they can revive after they’ve died.

To build a hero the first step is to press the shop icon, choose attack, and create a heroes alter. You should place the hero in a place where it can protect your structures as well as aid your remaining troops.

After placing the heroes alter at your desired position it will be empty and not do anything. You’ll need to recruit a hero and place the hero on the base. To recruit a hero, there are various methods. The easiest method at the beginning of the game is using your HB (honor badges, they may be called glory points in some cases), it will cost you 500 badges. However, that is the base price only, for each additional hero you want to recruit on the same day, you will need to add an additional 100 points. For example, recruiting 3 heroes with glory points on one day would cost you a total of 1800 points (500+600+700). On the next day (12 central time in my case), the value will reset back to 500 points. You may need to restart the app if the points have not reset back to 500 after the day ends. It is your discretion of whether it’s important enough to use the extra points to get another hero ASAP.

After obtaining your hero, to place him on the base simply tap the hero base and select the desired hero from your list. As you upgrade your town hall you will be able to add more hero bases.

The arena is a building that is used exclusively for heroes to battle and obtain rewards such as honor badges, even if you lose! More will be covered on this later.

The relic hall is a building that it used to purchase spells that you can cast while attacking. You can create the building, but I would recommend to skip the purchase of spells until much later. You’ll be very gold hungry during the beginning of the game so spending your gold on spells may not be cost effective.

Now that you have all the basic buildings you can start building your army composition. Choose any combination of troops and use the rest of your gold to maximize army camp space. After your troops are done, it’s a good time to start your first attack. Click on the sword icon that says battle at the bottom left corner. Two more buttons should appear, choose the blue portal which allows you to select a dungeon to fight in. Choose dungeon 1 and select the first dungeon flag and tap the green attack button.

Now you will be brought to a dungeon and have the option of attacking. You are given 30 seconds to make your decision of whether you want to battle or not. If you decide to exit the battle you can choose “end battle” button at the top middle of the screen before the timer runs out.

If you would like to start the battle you need to summon your troops onto the field. As long as one troop enters the battle field, the attack begins. Place a troop onto the dungeon by choosing the troops icon at the bottom of the screen. Now tap onto an area outside of the red lined border. To place the rest of your troops you can either quickly tap each time at your desired location for each troop, or you can simply hold your finger down until all troops have been placed. The icon will grey out as they all enter the battle. If you like while holding your finger down you can also drag along the map to better spread out your troops. Using more advanced strategies you can also place groups of your troops in multiple locations.

At this point, for the most part, the battle is no longer in your hands because you cannot control any of your troops. They will automatically attack enemy troops and buildings based on their priority targets. Guardians will go for resource buildings. Archers and Pyromancers select their targets, which tends to be the first thing in their range. Treants always go for defensive buildings such as towers first. Troops will also not change their target once chosen. For example, Treants will continue to walk straight to towers even if they are being attacked.

The first dungeon should be relatively easy to defeat, there are only 4 guardians. As you start destroying your enemies buildings you will notice some statistics moving in real time on the right side of the screen. This shows the amount of gold, mana, and honor badges you can obtain. There is also a percentage of destroyed buildings (excluding walls). As long as you destroy at least 50% of the enemies buildings you will achieve victory. To achieve full victory you must destroy all buildings. Doing so will get you full badges instead of a portion. If you destroy less than 50% of the buildings you will fail and not receive any badges, but you will still obtain the gold and mana that you managed to steal.

Hopefully your battle ended with a victory. In either case you should rebuild any lost troops. You can continue moving to the next dungeons, or repeat the same dungeon again. If you felt you’ve gained enough experience you can start battles with other players. To do so click the battle button and choose the little knife sub icon this time. Pressing this button will look for an opponent around your level (based on your might) and cost you a little amount of gold. You attack just like you would in any dungeon, the only difference is the rewards. The majority of times, battling other players will get you more resources. However you cannot obtain hero shards from player vs. player. Another difference is if you fail to achieve victory you will lose some of your honor badges. With that said, it’s important to choose your opponents wisely. Before the battle starts you have 30 seconds to decide whether you want to battle or not. If you feel the enemy is too strong you can click on the next button and take a look at another opponent, this will once again cost you a little bit of gold. You can keep repeating this process until you find a battle you’re certain of winning.



Upgrading your buildings and troops are an important aspect of the game once you have progressed past the beginning stages. Upgrading increases the HP and attack/defense points of the building or unit. The aim is usually to upgrade to the max level possible as restricted by your town hall, before upgrading the town hall itself. You may opt to skip upgrading certain things if you feel you do not need it or feel the resources would be better spent elsewhere.

It is important to continue upgrading to eventually unlock more powerful buildings and troops. For example, when you have upgraded your watchtowers to level 10 you have the option of converting it to improved specialized towers. Similarly upgrading troops to level 5 unlocks the next set of troops.


Moving On

Now that you know the basics, you can easily develop your town and army into your style of play. Some players like to be very defensive, while others concentrate on dishing out high damage. There are countless possibilities for setting up your town and it’s up to you to experiment with what works best.  An easy way to learn is by viewing the player list by tapping the trophy icon at the bottom right left of the shop icon. This will show you a list of all players and you can easily view the best bases and setups and learn from them.

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