How to Get Castle Clash Heroes

How to Get Castle Clash Heroes

In Castle Clash there are 20 different heroes you can use to support your team. They fall into 3 different categories named ordinary, elite, and legend. The categories are self explanatory, elite heroes are more powerful and rare than ordinary heroes while legendary heroes tend to outclass elite heroes.

Castle Clash Heroes can be recruited in 3 different ways. The first is using 500 honor badges to exchange for a random chance at obtaining a hero. Honor badges can be obtained by winning raids and achieving victory in dungeons. However the fastest way is probably by fighting other heroes in the arena. It is recommended not to use too many honor badges at trying to recruit heroes. The problem is a lot of people tend to get a slime/sacrifice instead of a hero. A slime is something that is used to upgrade your heroes abilities, which is probably more useful only after you’ve obtained a few heroes. Most heroes will require at least 1000-1500 points to reach level 1 of their abilities so you would need 10-15 of these slimes to level up. If you do manage to get a hero it’ll probably be an ordinary hero, however it will still be very helpful near the beginning stages.

The second way to get a hero is by using your pink gems. These gems can be obtained by completing achievements, participating in events, or just buying them with real cash. Sometimes the developers will also give you free gems on updates. To recruit heroes with gems you need 150 gems for one, or 450 gems for three. Using gems tends to give you better quality heroes, that is, heroes of the elite and legend class. It is random, so you will need some luck to get a legend this way. You can still end up getting slimes with gems, but they tend to be the “better” slime which sacrifices to give 600 points.

The third way to obtain heroes is by trading your hero shards. This is the sure fire way to obtain a specific hero. There is no randomization in this case, any hero (except for a special one that can only be obtained by purchasing gems) can be exchanged for hero shards. Each hero requires a different amount of hero shards. Hero shards can only be found when achieving victory in dungeons. When selecting a dungeon to attack you should see the green icon with how many hero shards the dungeon will drop. However, it is only a low chance to obtain the hero shards. It’s quite possible to beat the same dungeon 10 times and not receive any shards. Because hero shards will take a very long time to obtain you need to be very careful with the hero you select.

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