How to Get Gems, Hero Shards, Honor, Gold and Mana

How to Get Gems, Hero Shards, Honor, Gold and Mana

There are many resources in the game that each serve a different purpose. This guide aims to provide the best and easiest ways to obtain these resources namely gems, hero shards, honor, gold and mana.



As you probably already know the easiest way to obtain gems is by purchasing them, but not everyone is interested in doing that as it likely changes the way you play and the difficulty, at least if you are planning to get thousands of gems. Currently the game also is locked to your device, so you can’t use your account from a different device and people feel that may make buying gems to not be worth it. However there are still other ways to obtain gems.

The first way is to claim achievements. At the bottom right above the battle icon there is a scroll icon that lists all the achievements. Viewing the list shows your current progress towards each achievement. When you have reached the milestone you will receive a red alert over the scroll icon reminding you to claim your gems. Some of these achievements are quite easy at the beginning and just require your participation of various activities so you should try to take advantage of them.


The second way to obtain free gems is simply pressing the present icon at the top left located underneath the amount of honor you have. From this list, you can earn gems easily just by logging in each day, fighting in the arena and stealing loot from other players via raids. From the same list you will notice two “Go” buttons for more events and free gems. More events are official events usually held on the forum where you take part in writing a guide or sharing other information. The free gems section allows you to download and install apps to get free gems while others may require you to sign up, do a survey, purchase a service, etc. Keep in mind that viewing these two sections will log you out of the game if you spend more than 30 seconds or so which means you could be attacked and lose some of your resources if you don’t have a shield. Sometimes you will not get your gems instantly, do not worry, there may be a 5-10 minute delay. Otherwise there should be a link at the bottom of the page for missing gems.



Hero Shards

Hero shards are used to buy ordinary, elite or legendary heroes which can only be obtained from clearing dungeons currently. When you click on the dungeon flag at the bottom it should state the amount of gold, mana, honor, and hero shards the dungeon drops. However, hero shards are different from the other resources in that it is not guaranteed to get them every time. It is only a random chance and it depends on your luck. For example, you might only get them 1 out of 5 tries, 1 out of 10, 1 out of 20, etc. If you want the best chance of getting them you should target dungeons that contain a skull on the flag. This indicates a higher drop rate, however it is still quite low. On average you may only get the hero shards 20%, or 1 one out of 5 times (only an estimate). Remember that while skull dungeons give more shards, they also drop much less gold and mana, so you should do the dungeons where you don’t lose too many troops.



Honor or HB can be obtained in a few ways. The first way is from raiding or attacking other players, which costs you a little bit of gold. If you defeat your opponent you will receive a certain amount of honor which is based on what percentage of victory you achieved. At 100% you will achieve full honor and less honor if you only achieved partial victory. The total amount of honor possible to collect depends on your might vs. the other player. If the player has more might than you, you likely will be able to get more honor, if you have more might then the opposite is true. You will however lose some honor if you fail to achieve victory. The amount you lose also follows the same method except reversed. If the player you failed to achieve victory on has more might than you, you would lose less honor. Conversely if the player was weaker you would lose more honor. One thing to note is that you can also attack players by viewing the leaderboard when pressing the trophy icon at the bottom right, however you will not gain any honor this way. The same may be true when attacking from your battle reports.

The second way to obtain honor is by attacking dungeons and achieving victory. Unlike hero shards, honor drops every time you clear the dungeon. While skull dungeons drop hero shards, they drop a little bit less honor in comparison.

The third and best way to obtain honor is by participating in the arena. You can get a lot of honor at high rankings over 100 honor per hour, even if you’re offline. You also get 40 honor for winning and 6 for losing each match. There are ways to earn the most honor depending on your ranking. You will need to study the amount of honor per hour given based on the ranking. For instance, if you are of ranked between 100 to around 300, you still get the same amount of honor, which is 110/hr. If you know you are incapable of pushing past 100, it may actually be easier to have a weaker defense and cause yourself to lose when you are challenged. The reason for this is because after losing your rank will drop. This generally means you will fight players that are a bit weaker and it gives you a better chance at beating the lower players you’re able to challenge. Since there is no penalty for not being able to defend, and dropping down a few ranks doesn’t change your honor per hour you mind as well get that extra 14 honor for winning most of the time instead of losing.

When you’ve leveled up your heroes more or replaced some of your weaker heroes and are confident you can push past that barrier it’s a different story. You should then always try to battle the player on the very right, as that will start to gain you the most honor per hour.

Finally it may not be a way to gain honor, but it is important that you mostly spend your honor on upgrading your heroes, rather than trying to hire a random good one. The chances are too low that it’s probably not worth spending the 500 honor. Making your current heroes stronger may be a better idea.



Gold is a very sought after resource in this game because it is required for building and upgrading the majority of buildings which easily reaches over 100k later on. Gold can be obtained without much effort by simply collecting them from your gold mine. It is advised to constantly upgrade your gold mines to increase the production rates. However there are still much faster ways to getting gold.

Dungeons drop a steady rate of gold, but because of the dungeon chances limitation it can’t net you an extremely large amount over time. Furthermore it is suggested to save your dungeon instances for skull dungeons (assuming you want to get a legendary with hero shards) which are not a good source for gold.

Probably the fastest way to obtain gold is looting gold from other players. There are a few methods of doing this. If you’re thinking that attacking other players for gold is slow, you must be choosing the wrong targets, or either suiciding your army each time. Finding the right players to attack is important because there is no point in battling a player who only has less than 1k gold in terms of time invested. Some players may just attack the first random target they are given and that may be fine depending on what your objective is, but if you want gold quickly you should be looking for targets that have high amounts of gold available to loot. You can see this on the top right of your screen before deciding whether to battle the selected player. If the current target doesn’t have much gold, don’t even bother, just press next and take a peek at the next target. Continue doing this until you’ve found a worthy target. People might think this is not worth it because it costs some gold to move onto the next player, however from experience I would say you will eventually find a target that is loaded with gold and easy to defeat. In the end you’ll make a profit and the gold used to find players is just a little tax.

Not losing many of your troops is important because losing your troops requires you to wait for them to rebuild, which effectively slows down the amount of gold you can get quickly. You want to be able to start another raid right after you finish your current battle. With that said, you should also know when to end the battle. It isn’t necessary to fight until the very end, you can easily loot the gold and wait for 50% of buildings destroyed and end the battle. You’ll be able to loot the gold, win the battle, and more importantly keep the majority of your troops alive. If you are not afraid of losing honor badges or if you managed to get your honor badges close to zero, you can simply summon your troops near the enemy gold mines and gold vaults. As soon as you’ve looted most of the gold you can press end battle. You may lose the battle but gain gold even quicker than waiting for victory. When you repeat this process it becomes easy to rack up a high amount of gold very quickly.

There is another way to look for targets. Instead of getting a random player, you can use the leaderboard rankings by pressing the trophy icon at the bottom right. You can’t see how much loot is available from players this way, however the objective this time is actually to attack the weakest players by pressing the >| button which navigates to the last page. From there you can attack the weakest players. They tend to have anywhere from 1.5-2.5k gold. As you attack the players available navigate to the previous last pages by pressing <. It may be a bit boring and repetitive, but repeating this quickly can easily net you 10k in a couple minutes and 100k in less than half an hour. It’s also a great way to earn gold when your army strength is low. * Since the 1.1.7 update, it appears this method can no longer be used *



Mana is much less versatile than gold. It’s main purpose is to train troops, upgrade gold mines and vaults, and buy a few decorations here and there, but otherwise it has very little uses. When you are raiding players you’ll notice the majority are stacked with mana, they tend to have as much as 10 times the amount of their gold. That means after a few raids it’s fairly easy to build up your mana since it’s not difficult to find players with lots of mana.



Might is not necessarily a resource rather it is something mainly used as an indicator of your overall strength. Your might increases after upgrading your buildings and training your troops and heroes. The value of your might will be used to determine who you battle in raids so that you will be matched against players around your level.



Fire is also not a resource, but can be a requirement for performing certain actions such as upgrading your heroes. The fire is not consumed just required. You can get fire from winning dungeons. For example, if you completed 3 dungeons with 100% victory your fire should be equal to 9. Only having a 50% victory would get you 1 fire for that dungeon.

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