How to Use Spells


Spells are types of magic that help support your troops in the midst of a battle. They can be cast during an attack against players or dungeons and can effectively change the outcome of an attack. You can purchase spells from the relic hall, however they cost gold instead of mana resulting in them being under utilized. Luckily in the 1.1.7 patch there was a reduction on the price of spells. They are still expensive in most cases, but depending on your target it may be well worth it. In total there are 10 spells to choose from. The majority of spells must be unlocked by upgrading your relic hall. You can carry a maximum of 4 spells at one time and they cannot be duplicated.


Obtaining Spells

First you must build a relic hall by navigating to the Shop -> Attack -> Relic Hall. When you tap on your relic hall you can see the spells you have access to purchasing. Spells that are greyed out indicate you must upgrade your relic hall to the required level in order to unlock the given spell. To view the information of each spell, click on the information or upgrade icon. To purchase a spell just tap on it. Be careful around expensive spells as you cannot refund them if you accidentally tapped on it. After purchasing a spell you will notice that the icon will show on one of the green spheres. There may be a few empty spheres that state a level inside them. It may not be obvious, but this indicates you can unlock an extra slot for a spell when your relic hall reaches that level. Thus to use 4 different spells you must have your relic hall upraded to level 16.



How to Use Spells

After you have purchased some spells they are instantly available to use in a raid. When you’re attacking you should see a round icon of the spell that you purchased. This is located above your troops and hero icons at the bottom of your screen. To use the spell simply tap on the spell icon and select a location on the map and tap again. The spell will now take effect on that area if it is an aoe spell. The more advanced spells have the ability to be used in the fashion of tilting your device to control the direction of the spell. After using the spell, it will be consumed and you must repurchase the spell if you want to use it again.

spell-arrow-rain spell-restoration spell-windstorm

You will notice that most of the spells are quite weak. This is because your spells are not upgraded. They will have increased effects when you upgrade them. This can be done by clicking the green up arrow and pressing the button below the level up cost. It is worth noting that once your spell is upgraded it will also cost more gold to purchase. The spell can also not be downgraded, so you should try the spell first and see if it suits your needs first.


When to Use Spells

While spells can give you a boost during your attack and can be quite fun to use, obviously they should not be used in every battle. You will be bankrupt before you know it because of the cost. One thing to consider when using the spell is the amount of gold loot available. If your spell costs 5k and the gold loot available is only 2k, you would actually end up losing 3k gold for that attack… Thus you should only use spells in which the loot available is greater than equal of the cost of the spell. There are always exceptions of course depending on your objective. You may be after mana, experience for your heroes, honor, etc. In that case you would need to weigh the difference of whether the spell is worth it to use. Using spells may also prevent you from losing more troops in battle so it may also be handy to save you some time spent on training new troops that may have otherwise died if not for the spell used.


Which Spells to Use

Probably the most cost effective and useful spell is the restoration spell. This spell places a healing circle on the battlefield, healing all friendly troops in the area for 8% of their max HP +20 HP every second for 8 seconds. This is especially useful for ranged classes such as the archer and pyromancer. When you reach the later stage of the game and need to fight against cannon towers using this spell allows you to tank the cannons as long as the spell is in effect which works wonders. One tip for using this spell is to cast it in front of your troops with the bottom edge ever so slightly touching your troops. This will heal them instantly, but as they destroy buildings and move forward they will continue to be healed instead of healing for 2 seconds and walking out of the circle.

Are’s Fervor is another spell that may be worth using. Instead of just effecting a small area it makes all your troops gain +5% ATK until the battle ends. The majority of other spells tested while fun to use did not have much use or either were not very cost effective.



Spells are a great way to boost your army strength, but should be carefully weighed before using in order to get the best benefit. For defensive spells such as restoration that are relied on remember to always repurchase them after use. Keep an eye on the icons above your troops to see what you have available, it’s very easy to forget to repurchase spells and assume you have them ready in the middle of battle when you don’t. Practice with the positioning of your spells as a badly placed spell will just end up wasting your gold.

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