Improved Towers Update

Improved Towers Update

In the upcoming update it appears towers will be improved, not that raiding isn’t already difficult enough…

Castle Clashers,

Today we’re introducing one of the new features in the latest Castle Clash update.
Defenses will be strengthened as the power of towers gets a boost in this patch. Let’s take a brief look at the new improved towers.

You can now place Heroes on 3 types of upgraded towers, each of which can be further enhanced based on the Hero’s skill level and grade. Heroes of the same grade can be placed in a tower but if they’re already in a Hero Base cannot be placed in the towers. Use Ordinary Heroes to activate a tower’s ordinary skills, Elite Heroes to activate a tower’s elite skills, and Legendary Heroes to activate legendary skills.

Different types of upgraded towers also have different sets of skills that can be activated with heroes and may improve the tower’s stats or buffs.

To be continued….

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