Upcoming Updates

A few interesting features will be coming in the next update:

1. Losing resources due to raids and strengthening base’s defense.

We have taken in all the feedback and suggestions everyone have provided and we are already working on having more options that will be able to strengthen your defense. These new features will be released subsequently in the future updates.

The first new feature that will be released first and that we are currently working on is call “Defeat The Horde”. You can activate this feature by entering the building, and then alerting the horde, which will spawn the monsters! If you can stop the monsters’ attack, you will then be rewarded with awesome prizes!

2. Guild system.

We are in the final stages of producing and releasing this system. Please stay tuned and look forward to the release of this new feature!

Aside from this, we will also be introducing a Boss system, which will randomly spawn a World Boss. Defeat him and be rewarded with prizes!

This should create a big boost in the social and community aspect of the game.

An extra note is according to live support if Castle Clash reaches 500,000 likes on Google Play they will be giving EVERYONE 500 free gems. You should show your support by rating!

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